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Peer Essence Class of 2014 and 2015

kierra2014Kierra Ages, 12th grade, 4.0 GPA

“Peer Essence is an organization that promotes the sisterhood of exceptional young ladies. Young ladies that strive for higher learner and respect in a classy fashion. Young ladies that also display the characteristics of well-rounded individuals, specifically by excelling in academics, extracurricular activities and most importantly, simply being involved. Peer Essence has encouraged me to get involved and stay involved.  It has enforced the importance of service in addition to being a good student, while simultaneously exemplifying the positive outcome and various opportunities available when elite ladies come together.”
“Participating in Peer Essence has taught me great leadership skills. It has given me the opportunity to build character by assisting my fellow peers as well as serving my community. Personally, I find joy in helping others, therefore, being involved in this organization allows me to express myself in that way. My involvement has also taught me to set personal goals for myself and work for success. Overall, being a part of this organization/sisterhood has been essential to my development into an educated, well-rounded young lady.”


Asuria Austin, 12th Grade, 4.0 GPA

“My name is Asuria Austin. I’ve been in Peer Essence for 2 years, going on 3. My experiences with this group of girls has been wonderful. We get to interact on a deeper level, and teach each other things that we don’t get from our everyday school experience. Since my start with Peer Essence, I have enjoyed every day with this group of intelligent young ladies. My current GPA is a 4.0, and after high school I plan to attend the University of Southern California.”    


destinybibbs2014Destine’ Bibbs, 12th Grade

“Peer Essence is an organization designed to help empower girls to become women and help get scholarships for college. This group helps the community with service and each other. Girls are taught that academics come first and that school is very important. The scholarships are important because college can be very expensive and not everyone is able to afford it sometimes.”
“Peer Essence has influenced me to always put my school work and academics first. It has also taught me to always give back to your community and help others. Community service is very important and it’s always great to give back and show your support. Just tutoring someone on a subject they are struggling in at school can make a difference. I believe that Peer Essence is a great organization for young girls and I love being in it.”


IlkaIlka “Gabby” Ervin, 12th grade, 4.1 GPA

“In Peer Essence we do not consider each other fellow members, but more so sisters. Peer Essence creates a sisterhood that stands by the empowerment of young women, which is paramount to the young females of the African American minority. As a group of elite girls, we show that we are multi-faceted by not only excelling in academics and extracurricular activities, but also by participating in various community service projects. Peer Essence puts emphasis on post high school goals and encourages every member to plan to attend college by providing several opportunities to visit colleges and obtain scholarships. As a member of Peer Essence, I have learned to better myself not only as a student but as a person overall. Through participation in volunteer work, I have developed leadership skills and a heart for giving that I will continue to utilize throughout life. Peer Essence encourages me to be courageous and maximize all opportunities that are presented to me. As a young African American female, I am faced with many adversities that I would not be able to overcome if it were not for the support of my Peer Essence sisters. Being a member of this group has molded me into the person that I am today and empowered me to have a positive attitude that will allow me to keep my head held high at all times. Overall, Peer Essence has made me successful.”


AbrioyonnaAbriyonna Floyd, 12th grade,

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TaTyonna 2014Ta’Tyana Stevens, Class of 2014, 3.5 GPA

“My name is Ta’Tyana Stevens and I was a member of Peer Essence for two years, including my 11th and 12th grade year. The Peer Essence organization builds confidence and reinforces positivity. Peer Essence is a great organization that grants you scholarship opportunities and community service opportunities. Although I didn’t receive any scholarships, I am proud to say that I graduated top 10% of my class, with a final GPA of 3.5, and I will be attending Hampton University in the fall, #HU18. I recommend this organization to any young lady that would love to be a part of an organization that promotes education, sisterhood, and community awareness.”


Shayla Hopson, Class of 2014, 3.4 GPA
“My name is Shayla Hopson and I was in Peer Essence for three years (9th, 11th, and 12th grade). Peer Essence has prepared me for college by helping me understand the importance of a GPA. During my years in Peer Essence, we did a lot of community service within and outside of the school. My favorite community service event was the Special Olympics that I did my 9th grade year with Peer Essence. I enjoyed assisting the children work through the different obstacles at the Olympics event. Since joining Peer Essence, I believe that I have become a better person, as well as a better student. I graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA. I have learned not only about the importance of an education, but how to get involved in the community. I will be attending Texas A&M Kingsville, majoring in animal science.”